Born December 24, 1910 in Zurich, died March 8, 1980 in Zurich. After finishing school in 1926, Max Miedinger was urged by his father to complete an apprenticeship in typesetting at Jacques Bollmann printing office in Zurich.

From 1930 to 1936 he worked as a typesetter for various companies and also took evening courses at the art school in Zurich.

From 1936 he worked as a typographer in the advertising department at Globus, Zurich’s renowned chain of department stores. In 1946 he started a new position as salesman at Haas Typefoundry in Münchenstein.

In 1954 he created his first typeface design: Pro Arte, a condensed slab serif. In 1956 Miedinger returned to Zurich to become a freelance advertising consultant and graphic designer, like his brother, Gérard, younger by two years. Eduard Hoffmann, head of the Haas Typefoundry, was convinced of his talent and shortly thereafter commissioned him to design a new sans serif typeface, the Neue Haas Grotesk. Horizontal, in 1965, was the third and final typeface he created for Haas.

Eduard Hoffmann

Born May 26, 1892 in Zurich, died September 17, 1980 in Basel. After finishing college, Eduard Hoffman, who was fascinated by the beginnings of aviation, completed study trips and internships in Zurich, Berlin, and Munich to learn more about technology and engineering.

In 1917 he took on a position at the Hass Typefoundry, which was under the management of his uncle Max Krayer. He showed great commitment in acquainting himself with a field he had never studied, making typography and typefaces his new line of business.

In 1937 he began managing the type foundry as co-director of equal status with his uncle, and after the latter’s death in 1944, he continued as sole manager of the company until retiring in 1965. His son Alfred entered the company in 1951 and energetically supported him. He served as deputy director from 1959 and subsequently took over as managing director in 1968.