This page has all the information you need to construct your custom mechanical keyboard. We’ve scoured the market and tested out all the products we recommend. With this list, you’ll have everything you need to modify your current keyboard, build your first one, or just add some more tools to your arsenal. It has all the essentials plus some extra items that are sure to come in handy.

We have put together the components for a 60% mechanical keyboard (Tofu60) that looks, feels and sounds amazing, all for under $200.

Recommended Mechanical Keyboard Build (Under $200) for Beginners

Essential Parts

tofu60 case60% Keyboard Case: Tofu60Aluminum case now available in a range of colors, complete with matching aluminum feet, 4 rubber bumpons and screws.Buy Now
dz60 pcb60% PCB: DZ60RGBThis keyboard is equipped with RGB underglow lighting, and is conveniently programmed using VIA/QMK firmware. It accommodates 5-pin switches, and is available in multiple different layouts. A USBC port allows for swift connection to other devices.Buy Now
plate DZ6060% PlateA plate that is customizable to any layout, including split space bars, split backspace, ISO/ANSI, and top switch removal. It is also designed with various bottom row options.Buy Now
gateron yellow milky proSwitches: Gateron Yellow Milky ProGateron Yellow Milky Pro switches provide an unparalleled smoothness; even when lubricated, these linear switches exceed the smoothness of even the most high-end stock switches. Moreover, their slightly higher weight than the reds contributes to a nice and thocky sounding click. This is one of the most beloved switches among the community.Buy Now
cherry stabilizerCherry StabilizersThis pack is designed to fit 60% keyboards and includes 4 2u stabilizers, 1 6.25u stabilizer and an optional 7u stabilizer for the space bar. Authentic Cherry stabilizers are sure to provide a great quality experience and to maximize performance they should be lubed.Buy Now
usb cable 1CableCustom kits often don’t come with the necessary cable, so make sure to grab one to ensure functionality. This one is compatible with USB-C, micro-USB, and mini-USB ports, making it super handy and stylish!Buy Now

Or you can just buy a complete Tofu60 kit here without picking every single part of it.


double shot keycap

Double-shot Keycaps

For budget-minded typists, the double-shot PBT keycaps are a fantastic choice. Each keycap set comes with a complete 171-key setup that easily fits 60%, TKL, and full-sized keyboards. Don’t miss out on this great, affordable deal.

dyesub pbt keycap

Dye sub Keycaps

A Cherry-profile PBT keycap set featuring dye sublimated legends that won’t fade over time; perfect for those seeking a lower-profile keycap without the distraction of RGB lighting.

tofu60 kit
The Tofu60 kit after building

Must-Have Tools All Keyboard Users


Soldering Iron

The TS100 is a fantastic tool for soldering switches, and in the case of accidental errors, you can use it to desolder switches as well; which is vital if you don’t have a hot-swappable board. Not only that, but it is extremely portable and includes a temperature read-out display.

Solder Sucker

Solder Sucker

The SS-02 Engineer is a cost-effective and user-friendly tool that can save the day when you make a mistake. It’s simple to use and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice.

Solder Wire

Solder Wire: AUSTOR 60-40

Lead solder is indispensable; it’s an invaluable aid when it comes to desoldering switches, and it’s conveniently sized, making it simple to store away. Remember that you always want to use great wire, don’t get the cheapest ones, for the best possible typing experience.

switch puller

Switch Puller

These switch pullers are a great alternative to the metal pullers that come with hot-swappable boards. Plus, you can get a pack of two, so you can do keyboard tasks in multiple locations without having to worry about losing one.

Screwdriver Kit

Screwdriver Kit

Owning a screwdriver set with multiple bit types will be of great use when you need to open cases, switches without a switch opener, and assembling your keyboard.

keycap puller

Wire Keycap Puller

A wire keycap puller is an ideal tool for changing keycaps without the risk of scratching them. It allows you to swap out your keycaps quickly and efficiently, without the need to rely on your fingers.

Useful Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Soldering Stand

Soldering Stand

It’s not essential, but highly recommended to keep you safe when the soldering iron is not in use. The stand also has an area where you can clean the tip of your soldering iron.

Heat Insulated Mat

Heat Insulated Mat

This is a must-have if you’re working on a surface that can get damaged or be exposed. The heat generated by a soldering iron usually exceeds 500 degrees Celsius. The additional advantage of the mat is that it stores all the small screws and materials in an easily accessible area.

usb cable

USB Cables

A USB cable that fits a variety of ports is very convenient, even better if it is stylish and matches your setup.

Magnetic Holding Trays

Magnetic Holding Trays

This might seem like a luxury, but it’s indispensable when it comes to small screws that could roll away and get lost in the crevices. You’ll be thankful you got it.

Read more: How to mod switches

Tools for Modding Switches

switch opener

Switch Opener

Make life easier and save yourself time by using a switch opener for quickly and easily opening switches.

switch film

Switch Films

Tighten up switches and reduce wobble with switch films. This will lead to a better sounding and feeling switch.

gpl 205g0

Switch Lubes

Have the right switch lube ready for the job. 205g0 is an all-around lube ideal for linear and tactile switches. This lube is usually more viscous.


Bag Lube

Throw springs in a bag with a couple of drops of a thin lubricant and shake for easy lubrication.

zip bags

Zip Bag

Secure fastening bags are essential for bag lubing to avoid mess. Useful for other in-real-life uses as well. Assuming everyone already has this one at home.

tiny brushes

Small Brushes

Size 00 brushes are great for reaching all the tricky areas to lube your switches. Plus they are reusable if well washed!

Antistatic Tweezers

Antistatic Tweezers

Have a pair of tweezers handy so you can pick up the springs without lubing your fingers.

Pick up Tool

Pick-up Tool

If you struggle with fingers that aren’t too steady, use this tool to lube switch stems without fear of dropping them.

Tools for modding Stabilizers

Band aids for modding stab


Essential for protecting your fingers from potential cuts and especially for the bandaid mod!

micro cutter

Micro Cutters

Perfect for clipping stabilizer feet and for adding LEDs onto keyboards or for through-hole builds.

gpl 205g0

Stabilizers Lube

Krytox 205g0 is the go-to lubricant for stabilizers, adding smoothness and improving their sound and feel.

Recommended Sound Dampening Foam

desk mat

Desk Mat

An easy solution is to lay a desk mat underneath your keyboard to both protect it and reduce sound echo.

neoprene sponge foam

Neoeprene Sponge Foam

A slim, cushion-like material that can fit inside your keyboard casing, minimizing reverberation when you type.



A rubbery material renowned for its soundproofing and noise-cancelling properties.

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