One of the most important things for gamers to actually enjoy gaming and win in competitive battles is having a proper mechanical keyboard.

It is no doubt that the keyboard plays a vital role for gamers to get the best gaming experience.

There are two types of keyboards: membrane and mechanical. While membrane keyboards are widely available among users, most gamers choose to use mechanical keyboards. It is because mechanical keyboards offer a quick response time, a long lifespan, better durability, N-key rollover, many customizable options, and a very satisfying feel when used.

In this following list, we will give you 8 reasons to explain why mechanical keyboards are the best for gaming.

mechanical keyboards for gaming
Mechanical keyboards with LED are excellent for gaming

Why Gamers Should Use Mechanical Keyboards

1. Durability:

Mechanical keyboards are known for their high durability and excellent build quality compared to normal membrane keyboards. Each key of a mechanical keyboard has its own switch, so for each key pressed, there is a switch to register the movement.

According to the manufacturers, the key switches in your mechanical keyboard are rated for 50 million keypresses, which is about 10 to 15 years of usage. Some switches can even last up to 100 million keystrokes. This means you can use your keyboard for a long, long time without worrying about a drop in performance or any wear and tear.

2. N-key rollover:

If your keyboard has an n-key rollover feature, it means that each key you press will be seen by your computer no matter how many keys you are holding down simultaneously.

This feature is extremely useful for gaming. When you are in the middle of the game, you definitely want to be sure that all of your keystrokes register so you can accurately operate the control. If only half or less of the keystrokes are seen by your operating system, your game will be ruined pretty hard. The n-key rollover is also pretty helpful for people who are fast typers. They can press two keys at virtually the same time. The N-key rollover will significantly improve your gaming experience.

3. Fast response time:

By far, mechanical keyboards have the fastest response time of any other keyboard types. Response time is the amount of time it takes for your operating system to register your key presses. A mechanical keyboard averages a response time of 15 ms, while a normal keyboard will be closer to 30 ms. This means that mechanical keyboards allow users to get an immediate response when pressing a key.

There are some keyboards with low-profile or optical switches that have a very fast response time, but they don’t give satisfactory feedback when used.

4. Comfortable:

In recent years, many games have become more and more casual-friendly, but some of them still require long play sessions, like in some MMORPGs or strategy games where you have to do may big raids. A gaming keyboard normally has a comfortable size that is very easy to use for a long period of time. In addition, the size of the keyboard is made to fit your hand perfectly, so you can use your keyboard without hurting your hands and wrists.

5. Macros:

Macros are definitely the biggest advantage that mechanical keyboards can give. With the help of third-party software or an authorized one, a mechanical keyboard allows you to customize anything in your game. Additionally, you can set up various profiles for many different games, which means that you can operate the keys differently in every game you play.

By using macros, you can easily do some of the most important, or even tedious tasks that you have to perform in your game. These macros can help you save time, make your gameplay smoother, or get some extra advantages against your opponents or bosses.

6. Sound:

Most people think that mechanical keyboards tend to be very loud and noisy, but they can be very quiet as well. Some people like to use louder switches because it gives a fun experience, but others don’t like it because it can be very distracting. Noisy switches can also be very annoying when speaking over a microphone with your friends or to someone who is in the same room as you. To fix that, you can use silent switches like tactile. To further reduce the sound, you can lube the switches, add foam, or use O-rings.

7. Backlights for gaming:

Many keyboards feature multi-colored backlights that you can change to whichever you want. They have a cool look and can make your gaming more fun.

The backlight is very useful when gaming at night or in a dark room. It allows you to fully see all of the keys and puts less strain on your eyes. It can also be pretty fun to use since you can customize the lighting effects and look of your keyboard.

8. Water resistance:

Many of the newer mechanical keyboards are built with a water resistance feature, so you don’t have to worry if your keyboard is broken after spilling water or soda on it. If you normally play games with a cup of water, soda, or other drinks around, this is the best feature that you will need. Please keep in mind that the keyboards are not completely waterproof, so you can’t fully submerge them and expect them to work normally afterward.


Mechanical keyboard is definitely the ultimate gear for all gamers to have a much better gaming experience, especially when you are into competitive matches.

They are super durable with fascinating design, and especially provide you a lot of advantages over other players: From a better response time to macros.

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