Hi everyone, my name is Noble Harris

As most of you, I work on my computer up to 12 hours every day (I am a writer).

This is the main reason that makes me fall in love with mechanical keyboards. Mechkeys help me enjoy my works more, find it more interesting, and cannot stop typing whenever I am on my computer.

I want to try out new keyboards every day, as well as to test out the new modding methods for boosting the typing experiences.

Starting this blog, I wish to share all of my experience and tips when it comes to building your end-game keyboards.

This blog is a great resource for anyone interested in mechanical keyboards. Here, you can find the latest information and updates on different models, as well as guides to customizing your keyboard. From choosing the right switch type to finding the perfect key caps and backplate design, we have all the tips you need to make your mechanical keyboard unique. So whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced enthusiast wanting to take their setup to the next level, follow this blog for more helpful guides and tips!

If you have any question regarding me, this blog, or the modding stuff, feel free to do it via the contact page.